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"We live like the stars on the movie screen..."

Stephanie K is an award-winning singer/songwriter with astounding vocal talent, quirky style, unique penmanship and a captivating personality. Her original brand of pop/rock/soul makes her music stand apart.

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"I know you're feeling me… just don't know it yet..."

Long hair, green eyes, slim waist, toned thighs. Admit it: You probably want to see some eye candy. So stalk Stephanie K's pics in the gallery!

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Ms. K's Music Videos

"Tripod, stand it up…
...'bout to make the footage rough..."

You know she can work the mic. But she can work the camera, too. Check out Stephanie K's music videos on her Official VEVO Channel...

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Diary of Stephanie K.

Yup. You read that correctly. My song “Tonight” is currently #35 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart!

This is a dream come true!  Keep requesting “Tonight” and let’s get it even higher! Thanks for your support!
Download “Tonight” and the rest of the Troublemaker EP now! 

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I am so incredibly excited to announce that the music video for “Tonight” has won the award for Best Dance/Techno Video at the 2017 Midwest Video Music Awards!
I had such an incredible time shooting the video in Los Angeles with a wonderful and talented cast and crew. I’m glad that so many people are enjoying this unique […]

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It’s time!  Head on over to Amazon, iTunes or any other digital retailer to pick up a copy of my brand new EP Troublemaker!
Download. Listen. Love it. Share it.

Thank you all! 

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