Apparently, people enjoy hearing me sing about seeking revenge on an unfaithful boyfriend.  Ever wanted to crash his Porsche or rack up a ton of Louis Vuitton, Prada and Versace charges on his credit card?  We all have.  And that’s the subject matter for my song “Breaking Up.”

I have been informed that “Breaking Up” is a semi-finalist in the very prestigious International Songwriting Competition!  This year’s contest saw almost 19,000 entries from over 100 different countries.  I am extremely flattered and thrilled.

Let’s hope it wins the whole thing!

ISC Semi-Finalist 

In less than two weeks, the music video for “Twisted” has amassed more than 141,000 views!  WOW!

I see how it is…everybody likes seeing me as a crazy, obsessive, stalker, girlfriend wielding a knife with murderous tendencies.  Seems fitting!

Thanks to everyone who has watched the video!  Please continue to share, retweet and post so we can get those numbers even HIGHER! 

On November 14, I attended the 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards.  That night, in my “Jessica Rabbit”-esque dress, I walked away with TWO awards:  Female Pop Artist of the Year and Pop Single of the Year for “Twisted”!

Stephanie K wins Pop Artist of the Year and Pop Single of the Year

And guess what?  The music video for “Twisted” featuring T3 of Slum Village is premiering on my Official VEVO Channel this week!  Perfect timing! 

I am so thrilled and honored to have received these coveted awards.  This recognition means the world to me.  As Emimen would say, back to the lab again:  working on new, exciting and extremely unique music.  Can’t stop now…my mission has always been to take over the world!Stephanie K 

Hello, ice cream lovers!

My music video for “Ice Cream” on my Official VEVO Channel is now at more than 34,000 views!  Thanks to everyone who has watched and enjoyed.  You all get an extra scoop of ice cream with your dinner tonight.  AND a cherry on top, obviously.

As a special treat, we have posted an alternate music video on my YouTube channel for the House Remix of “Ice Cream”.  Check it out and shake your booty to this new twist on the song.

There are plenty more music videos coming to VEVO and YouTube in the near future and trust me…you will not be disappointed! They’re edgy, sexy and entirely entertaining.  Be sure to subscribe to my VEVO channel for updates!

My music video for “Ice Cream” is now up on Vevo!  It’s filled with bright colors, whipped cream, innuendo, melted dairy and me in skimpy outfits.  You should probably check it out now.

YUP…It’s official:  I have my very own Vevo channel.  Just like Britney.  Just like Gaga.  Just like Katy.

Big time.  Insanity.  I’m shaking with excitement.  Like it.  Subscribe to it.  Support it.

More videos are coming soon.  Enjoy “Ice Cream” and share it with your friends!

Cherry on top.  You’ll never stop.  Once you taste a little of this ice cream…